Abstract Topics

Addressing ethical challenges in various types of researches

  • Covid-19 research
  • Vaccine research
  • Genomic research/Gene editing
  • Geographical/ environmental/natural or human disaster research
  • Social science research
  • During pandemics
  • In the emergency settings (e.g,, natural disasters, conflicts, etc).
  • Research involving vulnerable groups (refugees, internally displaced persons, stateless persons, children, etc.)
  • Data sharing between countries
  • Ethics of research on biological samples
  • Biobanks
  • Implementation research
  • Health systems research
  • Equity and Justice Issues in Research

Issues in Governance

  • Establishment of national ethics committees
  • Enhancing national drug regulatory agencies
  • Establishing offices of research integrity

Promoting research ethics educatio

  • Pedagogy
  • Advancing Responsible conduct in research
  • Measures to avoid plagiarism
  • Publication ethics

Best practices of research ethics committees

  • Challenges of a single REC review
  • Balancing data privacy vs. data sharing in health research
  • Improving quality of ethics review (assessment forms, reviewing SAEs, protocol violation, continuing review, site visits, etc.)
  • Accreditation efforts
  • Improving various types of informed consent (individual vs. administrative consent, broad consent, electronic informed consent, etc.)