Research Grants Available From University of Maryland Baltimore USA

Undergraduates: up to $ 1,000 US Dollars
Post-Graduates: up to $ 3,000 US Dollars


The University of Maryland’s grants program supports researchers to investigate an ethicsissue associated with researches that are performed in Myanmar. Projects may be conceptual (e.g., analysis of a research ethics issue) or empirical (e.g., a survey or interview study).


Monies are available to cover costs of supplies, travel, and honorarium.


Rolling deadlines throughout the year: April 30, August 30, and December 30.

How to Apply

Click here to Apply Online

Research Plan (no longer than 10 double space pages) to include:

  • Project title, hypothesis, and objectives
  • The ethics problem to be addressed and its significance
  • Methods of the proposal
  • Budget: individual expense items and budget justifications for each item

Evaluation of Proposals

Proposals will be evaluated on the following items:

  • The importance of the problem to be studied
  • The innovative nature of the approach
  • The appropriateness of the methods, the analysis plan, and approach
  • The capacity of the methods and outcomes to address the objectives
  • The appropriateness of the budget

Submit Application Form and Research Plan to:

Professor Henry Silverman at: