ePoster Templates

Please use one of the following poster template that you can download; if you use your own, please make sure it is in the landscape format.

  • Select one of the preferred templates
  • Right click on the picture and “save target as”
  • Edit the poster (replace text and change formatting of columns, etc.
  • Adjust the page setup size as needed
  • Convert to pdf and send to

Ethics Paris Poster[1] sample –

PowerPoint Tips:
One slide only please! – Your ePoster will be created from a single PowerPoint slide. Please submit only as a one-page PDF.

Fonts – Choose two fonts at most, nothing cursive. Stick to sans‐serif fonts for legibility: Arial and Helvetica are recommended. If you wish to use a serf font, we recommend Times New Roman (Windows) or Times (Macintosh).

Excel Charts – You can paste Excel charts into PowerPoint: from Excel, select your chart and Copy, then in PowerPoint, Paste the chart where you want it to appear. Click here for detailed instructions.

Word Text – select the text you want to bring into PowerPoint, in Word select the text and Copy and in PowerPoint Paste the text into a text box.

Image Files – To add image file, select “Insert”>”Picture”. Images should be good quality and appear clear and sharp on your screen. Since they will be enlarged for printing, we recommend that images are set to a resolution of 300 dpi. Click here for detailed instructions on adding images.

Backgrounds – For legibility and viewing ease, we suggest that you keep your backgrounds simple and avoid using dark colors.